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06.07.2022 – LRNRA – News Release – Fish Cleaning Stations

Coulee Dam, WA – The fish cleaning stations located throughout Lake Roosevelt National

Recreation Area will remain closed until further notice. While evaluating and trying to repair the
Fort Spokane fish cleaning station and associated septic system, it was discovered that the
accumulated oil from the fish remains have coated the sand in the drain field so thoroughly that
water can no longer filter through the sand and instead, sits on top and clogs the septic system.
To keep the existing fish cleaning station operational, the entire septic system would need to be
redesigned, including electrical engineering, more powerful motor, and installing a new drain
field. This is the third drain field at Fort Spokane destroyed by the fish oils in the past 30 years
and there is no available space for a fourth.

06.30.21 Press Release – LRNRA – Mussel-Free Form notice

06.01.2021 – Press Release

05.11.2021 – Immediate Release – Aquatic Invasive Species

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Coffeepot Lake (317 acres): 12 miles northeast of Odessa.

Crab Creek: Fishing can be good for brown and rainbow trout in some portions of this Lincoln County farmland drainage.

Deer (Deer Springs) Lake (60 acres): About 12 miles northeast of Odessa.

Fishtrap Lake (196 acres): Located six and a half miles east of Sprague, on the Lincoln/Spokane County line, with about 173 acres in Lincoln County.

Fourth of July Lake (110 acres): Two miles south of the town of Sprague on State Highway 23 to Public Fishing sign, then west 1 mile to access.

Goose Creek: This waterway runs through the town of Wilbur on its way to join Wilson Creek.

Hawk Creek: This Lake Roosevelt tributary flows northwest from Davenport.

Rocky Ford/ Goose Butte Recreation Area, Washington –Map

Lake RooseveltMap

Hanson Harbor – Boat launch

Hawk Creek – Boat launch

Jones Bay – Boat launch

Keller Ferry Marina – boat slip rental & fuel available

Lincoln – Boat launch

Seven Bays Marina – boat slip rental & fuel available

Spring Canyon – boat launch

Sprague Lake (1,840 acres): This large lake is approximately two miles west of the town of Sprague, 

Spokane River Arm of Lake Roosevelt

Ft. Spokane – boat ramp

Porcupine Bay – boat launch

Upper Twin Lakes, Upper (39.2 acres) and Lower (44.9acres): Located in the Lake Creek drainage about 20 miles southeast of Davenport.

Lower Twin Lake

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